Granite and Stone Tops

Granite and Stone Tops. The ACD Difference 

If you are thinking about upgrading your current countertops with granite or another solid stone surface, or having a solid stone top cut for an existing table, you have probably already discovered that you have a number of choices for your granite retailer. Many people automatically gravitate towards the big box stores; they sell countertops and many homeowners are already familiar with them. Other people are driven primarily by price, and search for the retailer offering the lowest price for stone countertops, failing to keep in mind that quality stone tops can be affordable, but will never be cheap. We think you should consider ACD for your granite or stone top purchase, for several reasons.

  1. We think of every piece we do as a work of art, not as a job. ACD comes from our name: Artisans*Craftsmen*Designers, and our approach to stone work reflects a centuries-old tradition of viewing stonework as a highly specialized craft. We do not think of solid stone as just another building material; we believe that as designers, craftsmen, and artisans we are called to bring out the elemental beauty that resides in every stone.
  2. We have a selection of stones that other retailers cannot match. ACD’s owner Cynthia Schomaker has more than 20 years as a designer in the stone industry and has access to source materials that the big box retailers and other stores simply cannot access. Come look through our rough stone and see what we have available. If we do not have the stone you want for your design, talk to Cynthia; if it can be found, she will know where to find it.
  3. Our designers can help you find something unique and classic, at the same time. One of the things we hear repeatedly from our customers is that they want the classic look of granite, marble, or another solid stone surface, but they do not want the same cookie cutter kitchen that their neighbors have. We can help you design counters that have a classic appearance, but with a twist. Maybe the twist is a large carved sink; maybe it’s the choice of an unusual-color vein in the stone; but we can help you add an unexpected element of visual drama that helps your project stand out from a crowd.
  4. We only work with high-quality stone. Some suppliers attempt to use stone that is thin, improperly cut, or salvaged from other projects. We only work with the highest quality stones, to ensure that your countertops will be durable and beautiful.

Contact ACD today with any questions you have about your countertop or custom topper project.


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